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solving problems

on solving problems :
working isuues in September - October 2008
About Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul's photographs
in "fictional BuNiKa series"
(2008 / 2009 / in progress)
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fictional BuNiKa is a reality..

"fictional BuNiKa", is a conceptual series, some kind of self portraits, fiction
and reality, past and present, split personalities of Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul.
fictional BuNiKa series blog (2)
sample set of photographs from September - October 2008
These photographs are edited version in 2009 - not 2008 originals

One BFA adviser / committee described
Chanakarn BuNika Chatakul's works in progress
around September / October 2008 :

(rough / unpolished translation)

"Each set of photographs at each period of time reflected her own state of
mind at the time. Even when she said she hit dead end, it's never really a
dead end - since her works always progressed. It just her way of saying that
quality of her works did not reach her expectation at the time. However,
each piece still reflected what in her mind which made this series so
interesting for me.

In September 2008, she was running around all over Department of Photography..
thinking loudly that she was out of idea.. funny thing is while she was complaining,
she was also working / taking photographs. And the result was satisfying enough
in my opinion -- since the series is about herself / self portraits -- and that panicking
moment in September - October did came out in her photographs. We see BuNiKa
and BuNiKa running around, some with her head down, some in shadow, and some
behaved like a bully -- and that the way she was in real life, only dramatized a little
bit more. Still all images leave rooms for interpretation, and people don't need to
know background story. They can just feel or see as they wish, according to their
own experience or imagination.

After that, she moved on to new state of emotion, and her works changed with her.
And we get new story, never repeating itself.. "
Note :
Poomkamol Phadungratna was a BFA committee for the Department of Photography,
Faculty of Art and Design, Rangsit University, and also Chanakarn's project adviser..

fictional BuNiKa series blog(1)
this is one example of edited version (2009)

Still in mid 2008, not long after "fictional BuNiKa series" got started,
Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul had faced different kinds of work related
issues. Although it was simple steps that we all encountered when
making any kind of visual art, we think it's still interesting to record it
as parts of development of the series. Here's her story /self analysis :

"Around September 2008, I've been working on the series for a while.
All went well until I got so sick of shooting in my bedroom. So I had
this idea about a set in school, in the lab - darkroom, studio, around
the Department of Photography.. many things to play around..

Up to this point, my problem is that.. I got really heavy handed on
digital processing - I mean I did it too dark (again) .. for belief that
darker is more mysterious - which is not really true. However, at that
point, with lack of experience - that how I proceeded.

Professor Varawan, chair of BFA committee really loved that series,
and kind of expecting my works to go on that way - BUT - she was
talking about subjects / what going on in photographs .. not the technic.
However, my co - adviser (stabby) just couldn't overlook darker and
muddy quality in my works (at that time). Although he saw potential
in the images, he also said that there are differences between total
technical flaw and aesthetics, differences between lovely mistakes that
look so good and a real shit. Funny, I saw it too.

My photographs at that point, got some nice details in shadows but
all so muddy - because I push it down too dark. Not my total intention
though, I just didn't know how to bring up parts of highlight - I mean
I know how to do that in photoshop - But what I didn't have is advance
darkroom printing skill.. And what advance darkroom printing got to
do with digital process photography ?? -- Well, Everything -:)

My co adviser (stabby) has ways to fix these little problems real fast.
I just didn't ask him (being stubborn), and he wouldn't say a thing
about it - for the fact that some solutions are totally personal style..
and he didn't want to turn me into him - vice versa.

So, around September - October 2008 was a real shitty period for
my works - my little struggle. It took me sometimes to be in control."

Please also read
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article about how BuNiKa series got started
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