Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre BuNiKa Period

Pre BuNiKa Period
Story of how fictional BuNiKa series got stated,
words from creator - Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul -

The Beginning :

In mid 2008, I was working on Untitled Series, with some dark images in my head.
The series itself didn't get very far. Working with friends / models or friends as
models wasn't a good idea for me since no one could act the way I had imagined.
Also, there was a time factor - no one would stop everything in her life just to post
for me anytime I wanted -

That's impossible -:)

Photographs in the series were too dark too.
Although it was my intention at first, still too dark

After a while, I was ready to give it up totally..

I liked them but all came dead end..

Beginning of Self Portrait Series :

As "Untitled Series" approaching dead end,
one night I was talking on the phone with uncle stabby,
and got some idea during conversation - I set up tripod
shooting myself with remote control / self timer - just
for fun actually. The result came out satisfying enough.

BuNika - self Portrait

And I realized that there was no need for models no more
since the only who could do what I really wanted was me.

Beginning of BuNiKa Series :

I played around with that self shooting idea a while..

that girl never leaves : BuNiKa 's Self Portrait / Work in Progress

trying to solve many annoying technical stuff, keeping it simple because
didn't want to turn my works into a hobby showcase. I'm not being
snobbish here (or may be I am :) but I had another good reason. At the
time, I was also working on BFA project - to get my Bachelors Degree in
Fine Arts (photography) - and my adviser said that it would be a good
idea to propose my "fictional BuNiKa series" which is my personal project
as a BFA project as well that I could concentrate on one series the
whole time.

And as we all know -- when comes to BFA project in this country
(Thailand), there will be certain rules - regulations, some strict guidelines,
and lines you can not cross - which are real shit for any creative process -
even though they will deny all these, .. they will tell you that we all have
our freedom to think -- but it's a lie. You only feel that fake freedom
when you do by their rules.

However, my adviser was kind enough to tell me the truth that shit exists,
and we are all in this shit together -:)

Since my works is not really political per se, my adviser thought I could
just go all the way with anything I wanted to do - and if there were any
line crossing situation - the committee would find ways to get around.
So, in a way I did have certain privilege on my project.. kinda doing
personal works, and sent them for BFA degree .. LOL

Well .. I'm glad I started that dead end Untitled Series. I still feel about them,
just in itself ..kinda dead in the water. However, dead of one series did give
birth to a new one - better one I like too.

please continue on fictional BuNiKa series
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