Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fictional BuNiKa series

About Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul's photographs
in "fictional BuNiKa series"
(2008 / 2009 / in progress)

fictional BuNiKa is a reality..

"fictional BuNiKa", is a conceptual series, somekind of self portraits, fiction
and reality, past and present, split personalities of Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul.

fictional BuNiKa : first image in the series

Her photographs played like actresses, telling her own life stories in a way that
can be called biographical narrative images but never in a straight way. BuNiKa
always added elements of dream and imagination, using it so freely as she sees
life as one big confusion, even there may be orders within chaotic universe but
so random that one hardly understands. As in life - she sees hopes and dreams
as something mostly based on idealism - not reality as it is -- but still we need
both dreams and reality together, to keep going in life.

There are ways of telling the same story.
Option one, you can say "don't cut down the forest or we will destroy eco system"
Option two, you can say "don't cut down the forest or gods will punish us real bad"

If one goes for option one, will need some good scientific researches.
If one goes for option two, will need some myths / metaphors to explain.

The work of art is more like option two, -- we feel.

Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul really understands this. She said ;
"when we feel, it leads us to understand something -- or push us to try to
understand. Even when we're not really sure what the hell just happened in
front of us but that feeling we have about it - that hanging feeling will keep
us spinning for another day.

like they always say in school,
works of art don't give out answer - just post more questions..

it's a process of thought provoking, emotional challenging -- make you feel,
love and hate, happy and sad.. or relate ourselves to our own experiences -

If my piece can make you feel just a little something, I'll be so happy enough
Because there's no need for you to fully understand what I am..
Not possible - - I don't even understand me, most of the time."

In her works, there are more than one of herself.
This cloning technique is not new but depending on how one uses it. Many of
BuNiKas in BuNiKa series are not clone of the same characters - however not of
totally opposite neither, no clear cut good & evil as many might expected when
comes to this kind of works / images.

Here, many BuNiKas are like friends & family - that some will be close to one another,
some will be different in characters, and creepily sometimes they are all the same.
Chanakarn BuNiKa Chatakul uses clones freely and unpredictably, not without purpose.

"in real life, there's no black and white, no clear cut good and evil.
There will be deep black, white in highlight & many greyscales like a zone system.

It's too easy, too simple to make clones - one good, one evil,
one from the past, one from present. Just too lame to think about,
and it's not really true. I think we all have many characters in ourselves like
in zone system. And from time to time we might get to see pure black and
pure white but not very often, unless a person is a real nut. Most of the time
we live in that middle area, and even that, I think, is troublesome enough.
No need to go melodramatic here.

Within middle area, I can tell many stories freely, mixing past & present,
true or fiction.. Well, I think all fictions came from something real anyway.
Even when you lie, you still have to base your lie on some reality. And when
you think you are telling the truth, it just part of your version of the truth -
like we all have our own perception of the world and of ourselves.

Art & Fiction can be considered freedom zone where I express beyond
my own restricted self perception."

Art & Fiction is BuNiKa's freedom zone of expression in which her fictional photos
tell stories of herself in more truthful ways, not story of when where or how, but
complex and chaotic world inside.

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